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Children's Illustration

Pepper's Trip to the Market

These are selected pages from a 32-page children's book that I both wrote and illustrated. The story follows Pepper the bunny, whose journey to get blueberries for her mother's pie recipe gets sidetracked when her friends need help. The book seeks to exemplify the morals that good deeds pay off and that problems can be solved with thoughtful solutions.

Process for Pepper's Trip to the Market

I started my process by writing the story. Once that was done, I began drafting some ideas for what my protagonist would look like. I then began to experiment with creating a full cast of characters. I wanted to pay special attention to the shapes and silhouettes of the characters to ensure they would work well together. Finally I picked a style for the book while refining my designs and then began thumbnail sketches of the pages.

Dragon Patterns

A series of three patterns designed for children that each features a different dragon character. I included a mock-up showing the pattern applies to a series of children's school products.

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